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Termite reticulation treatment

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Termite Reticulation Treatment

We are pleased to provide our newest and most potent anti-termite treatment, which is ideal for individuals seeking a long-lasting, reasonably priced answer to those bothersome pests !

The reticulation system uses a network of subterranean pipes to create a barrier around the foundation of your home to help protect it against termites. A system of underground pipes called reticulation delivers an anti-termite chemical uniformly around the base of your building. This system can aid in the prevention of termite infestation by establishing a barrier between your home and the surrounding soil. By doing this, you can stop termites from causing expensive damage.

Our pest control reticulation system services in Bhubaneswar include regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that your system is working efficiently.We advise using the termite reticulation system because of its robustness, extended lifespan, and durability.

Termite reticulation system in Bhubaneswar

” Termite reticulation system warranties termite protection for 30 years.”

Did You Know

Termite reticulation system warranties termite protection for 30 years.

Working Principle and Installation of Reticulation System

Advantages of Reticulation system

  1. There’s no need to excavate or drill holes in your floor to inject termite chemicals.
  2. You also won’t have to go through the tedious work of removing furniture from the area.
  3. There’s no pungent smell of termite chemicals released in your premise.
  4. Installation of piping system is warranted for 20 years with refilling every 1-2 year.
  5. Unlike the conventional termite injection method, there is even distribution of the chemical under the floor
  6. This means that your costly floors and walls won’t be discolored or marked of drill work
  7. The cost-benefit ratio when compared with traditional methods of termite treatment, over longer periods

Termite control treatment from Magic Broom:

Magic Broom pest control services provides integrated pest management solutions to homeowners and businesses in Delhi NCR & Odisha.
Magic broom’s experienced professionals are well-versed in diagnosing and treating Termte infestations. Because every premise is different, they collaborate with you to create a customized programme for your needs.


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We’re here to discuss all of your pest control needs with you, arrange for a FREE inspection of your property if necessary, and provide you with a Quotation  based entirely on your specific requirements.

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Our certified Pest professionals will use the best and safest methods to remove pests from your premise, ensuring that you or your pets are not affected.

  •   Govt Trained and Certified Technicians.
  •   100% Safe and Govt approved pesticides are used.
  •   Guaranteed Results
  •   24/7 Service to Suit your Business
  •   Single Service / Annual Maintenance Contract can be done


At the end of each job, we provide our customers with a full report of the services we’ve completed as well as some advice and tips on how they can maintain a pest-free space in the future.

  •   Service warranty for a period of time.
  •   Pest Prevention Guidance
  •   Follow up service based on your requirements/urgency

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As part of our Termite Management programme, our experienced and trained service professionals will deal with Termite . Magic broom provides a variety of excellent Termite extermination methods.

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