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Magic Broom

IT / ITeS & Corporates

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 IT / ITeS & Corporates:

The most common problems in I.T. businesses and organizations include broken cables and other hardware that results in functional failure, etc. This puts the organization’s and your client’s data at risk. As a pest control firm, we provide you with a variety of solutions to all of your pest-related issues.

Recognize the risks that an IT firm faces from pests. The approach entails the skilful application of preventive measures and solutions, including optimal work environments and sensitive equipment.

When working conditions are favorable, employees are more motivated, which increases productivity. However, when insects or other pests are present, employees’ output decreases, which can significantly affect the company’s turnover.

Did You Know

Fact about IT / ITeS & Corporates cleanliness

“Cockroaches are active at night. if you see them during the day it usually means there is a Heavy Infestation”  Quote

Reasons to book Pest Control for IT / ITeS & Corporates:

We provide customized pest control services for IT & ITES. Here is a list of reasons to book a pest control

  • Mosquito
  • Birds
  • Flies
  • Rodents
  • Ant
  • Cockroaches
  • Termite
  • Honey Bee

What can be the consequences of infestation?

Cockroaches, rats, and termites are frequent pests that affect every business in some locations. And the worst part of dealing with pests in offices is that most offices operate day and night, making it challenging to utilize the standard pest control methods. Pests in offices can be challenging to eradicate since they differ from ordinary household pests. No matter what floor your office is on, bugs can get there and infest even the top floor of a multi-story building.

  • Employees will be demotivated
  • Penalty
  • Damaged image and reputation and property and equipment
  • Food intervention by government/hygiene officials

Reasons to book deep cleaning for IT / ITeS & Corporates?

  • Full office deep cleaning
  • Floor carpet shampoo cleaning
  • Sofa & carpet cleaning
  • Water tank cleaning 
  • Kitchen/ cafeteria deep cleaning 
  • Disinfection/Sanitization services
  • Housekeeping 
  • Common area cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms

Why Magic Broom?

Magic Broom is known for having some of the most qualified, skilled, and professional personnel. To offer our clients a risk-free service without side effects, we not only strive to provide superior services, but we also pay close attention to all substances used. The hospital and clinic pest and cleaning service by Magic Broom understands the value of hygiene. Because of this, we advocate for the usage of environmentally safe chemicals so that we can complete our work flawlessly without having any negative impacts.

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