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Infestation is not acceptable in the hospitality sector since it can damage your reputation and give customers a terrible first impression. QSRs and restaurants are the two most significant categories in this market.

Although they can pose a major threat to eateries. Pests including rats, roaches, ants, cockroaches, and other vermin can harm your restaurant’s reputation or result in fines from the authorities. Since customers are regarded as the foundation of every industry, eliminating pests in any section calls for extreme prudence.

Did You Know

Fact about Restaurant cleanliness

” Cockroaches are active at night. if you see them during the day it usually means there is a Heavy Infestation.” Quote

Reasons to book Pest Control for Restaurants:

We provide customized pest control services for Restaurants. Here is a list of reasons to book a pest control

  • Mosquito
  • Birds
  • Flies
  • Rodents
  • Ant
  • Cockroaches
  • Termite
  • Honey Bee

What can be the consequences of infestation?

The idea is to build a protective enclosure or enclosures to decrease the possibility of pests appearing close to clean areas. To keep them flexible and guarantee total safety, these cordons are frequently reviewed. In order to minimize the possibility of pests entering or becoming a problem, Here the following repercussions may occur:

  • Less number of customers
  • Penalty
  • Damaged image and reputation
  • Food intervention by government/hygiene officials

Reasons to book deep cleaning for Restaurants?

  • Carpet, Chair & Sofa deep cleaning
  • Water tank cleaning 
  • Floor scrubbing & floor polishing
  • Kitchen deep cleaning 
  • Disinfection/Sanitization services
  • Common area cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of bathrooms

Why Magic Broom?

Magic Broom is known for having some of the most qualified, skilled, and professional personnel. To offer our clients a risk-free service without side effects, we not only strive to provide superior services, but we also pay close attention to all substances used. The hospital and clinic pest and cleaning service by Magic Broom understands the value of hygiene. Because of this, we advocate for the usage of environmentally safe chemicals so that we can complete our work flawlessly without having any negative impacts.

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