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Magic Broom

Kitchen cleaning

Looking For Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen– “Hamlet from where the Health begins”. But the very thought of its cleaning can be quite intimidating with stained stoves, greased chimneys, dull oily wall-tiles, spotted floors, taps and sinks coated with lime scales, cobwebs, and dust. Needless to say, the food crumbs and trash in the bins attract pests and various germs and diseases..

With Magic broom’s reliable crew in Delhi NCR & Odisha, get rid of the ever lingering unpleasant smells with much needed disinfection and experience a healthier & sparkling clean kitchen.

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  •   Degreasing and Cleaning of Switch Boards, Wall-Tiles, Stove, and Exhaust Fan
  •   Cleaning of Lime Scales on Steel & Chrome Fittings
  •   Removing the Hard Water Stains
  •   Disinfect the Sink, Sink area, and Wash Zone
  •   Cobwebs removal
  •   Degreasing and Cleaning of the Chimney, Chimney Filters and Hob
  •   Cleaning the Windows, Ventilators, Ceiling Fans etc
  •   External Cleaning of Kitchen Appliances & Storage cabinets
  •   Cleaning of Doorknobs and Door Handles
Points To Note
  •   Movement of Furniture and Fixtures should be done prior.
  •   Old and Stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However, 100% removal cannot be guaranteed depending on space/fabric.
  •   Cleaning of cabinet interiors with rearranging utensils will be chargeable.
Registered Office

Mejasvee Facilities LLP 709, Ansal Chambers ii, 6, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066, India

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Plot No : 1A, Suncity Residency Kaimatia Bhubaneswar, Odisha 752054, India

+91 99370 63900

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