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Magic Broom

About us

About Magic Broom

Magic Broom is the name that comes to mind when hygiene is referred to as the healthy practice of cleaning by keeping oneself and the surroundings clean and pest infestation free. As an owner-operated company, Magic Broom places a strong emphasis on quality assurance. It offers a comprehensive range of cleaning, sanitisation, and pest control services for both residential and commercial properties..

Our top management actively participates in daily business operations, providing personal attention, making site visits, and being accessible to clients at all times. By utilizing expert expertise and experience, Magic Broom assists clients in achieving a significantly improved and maintained the quality of cleanliness in their workplace..

By upholding our basic beliefs, we strive for unparalleled client satisfaction. The faultless efforts of our staff consistently stand out with steadfast and affordable service. Through our efforts, we hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers..

Core Values






Committed to provide quality services consistently with emphasis on Company’s core values & professionalism.


To be the pioneers in the provision of cleaning and hygiene services with complete sanitization of the living environments.

Our Mission & Vision

To establish enduring connections with our clients by knowing their needs and offering them the best degree of professionalism and ethics in the business and by helping them maintain tidy, calm and pest-free working and living environments.

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