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Magic Broom

Cleaning Services

We ensure deep home cleaning services with a team of professionals, promising a spotless & gleaming abode. Our company's top priority is customer safety

Residential Cleaning

Visualize a shining house with no spots, stains, or dust. This could be a difficult task. We, at Magic Broom, ensure Deep Cleaning Services for Cleaning Sofa, Mattress, and Carpet with a team of professionals. Places like Delhi and Odisha are very challenging to maintain their homes clean and bright. Magic Broom takes over the charge of everything for you.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Sanitized premises and hygienic environment is core to maintain an employee’s well-being. Working in an atmosphere full of safety and hygiene provides a boost to the employees to remain energetic and full of zeal to be productive. The onus of providing such conditions to the workers in an organization is on the magic of Magic Broom at the beck and call of the company around the clock.

Water Tank Cleaning

At Magic BROOM, we’re always looking for innovative ways to provide you with the best possible cleaning solutions. We started out with water tank cleaning services in Delhi 3 years ago, and now, after serving thousands of families with top-notch services, we’ve expanded our services to include Odisha.