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Magic Broom

Cleaning & Pest Control for Hospitals & Clinic


The only places where individuals can reside and have a toleration-free period are hotels. However, it is currently believed that hotels are a crucial part of the tourism sector and that any disruption brought on by pests cannot be accepted. A negative tourist experience can harm a certain brand, which can lead to a decline in visitors and even lower hotel rates. Customer expectations for sanitary standards and other services are rising as a result of the hotel industry's desire for competition.

Magic Broom serves as your backbone in terms of pest management, offering the best options for rooms, bars, hotel lobbies, cafeterias, or staff areas and reducing the danger of infestations with market-leading pest control knowledge and technology.

It is important to prevent pests from entering buildings since they can do so through front doors, open windows, and cracks and gaps in the walls. Our solutions and services are customised to meet your needs since we recognise that each hotel's property has specific pest management difficulties. Our expertise has tested solutions for the sector via years of experience. To better understand the specific difficulties your property faces, we start by conducting a thorough inspection of it. Our regular service covers the control of rodents and crawling insects with an accurate report of the pests found.

Housing Societies:

The most lovely place for individuals to live is in society. It takes a lot of devotion to maintain our culture clean and to embrace "cleanliness." In a practical sense, cleanliness and a healthy atmosphere go hand in hand with hygiene.

Societies' aesthetic value depends on their natural surroundings. Everything in the world is conceivable. And if the authorities of Societies want to deduct money from expenses and spend the sum obtained in the pest control of the society, then each member of the society will undoubtedly benefit from the services of pest control at a value equal to the money invested in them.

Since no society is secure from pests like cockroaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, etc., we advise obtaining pest control early on to safeguard not only the structures of society but also human health. Similar to how people eat on time, exercise on time, and receive medical exams on time, pest management in their society is likewise a crucial component and societal duty. When the entire housing society participates in the effort, pest control is most effective. Call on us to discuss our selection of cost-effective treatments and to schedule an assessment of the pests in your community.

Regions susceptible to infestation

There are specific spots in every home where bugs can be seen:

  •   Area of the compound: Most rodents and insects are located in the compounds of societies. They roam the gardens, parking lots, metre rooms, and other areas, which might be dangerous..
  •   Manholes, gutters, and toilet chambers: Cockroaches and flies, which spread dangerous diseases to homes, are the most common pests observed crawling in these regions. Therefore, action must be taken before something fatal happens.

Why Magic Broom?

Magic Broom has hired a team of professionals who have experience in tons of projects that describes their dedication and expertise on the field of work. They only use the products that are environmental friendly and are not harmful to anyone, excluding pests. Urban Junggle Pest’s strategy utilizes updated training, skilled hiring standards and applied latest practices that are environmentally responsible. With our experts we accomplish our tasks by harnessing the power of technology, experience and trustfulness to protect your premises from uninvited visitors.